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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday, February 25th, Morning News

 We went from 816 to 804 Residents this week!

Calendar of Events is listed below 
the Minutes for your convenience. 

Important Information:

NOTE:  Sundae Sunday will start at 4 PM this week because of the Choir Concert at 6 PM. 

If you are going to attend the Winter Ranch Resident Appreciation event on March 5th at 7 PM (see below), stop in the Activities or Business Office to pick up a free ticket.  We need to figure out how much ice cream and cookies we need for the event.  Cutoff for Tickets to the event is Monday, March 1st.

If you are attending the Alamo Parade, JD wanted you to know that he would keep the Chuck Wagon open until 12:30 PM so that you can stop back and have lunch at the jam afterward.

Gary Dagsgard (Lot 165)  is trying to get a Motor Cycle Ride To Eat group going.  He signed people up at meeting this morning.  See him if you missed the meeting.

Celebration of the States and Provinces:  Cathy came back this week to let us know that we have 31 states and 6 Canadian provinces represented at Winter Ranch.

Advisory Board New Board Members:  Cathy announced the new Advisory Board members today.  Going off the Board is Lee Benfield and Larry Anenson.  Lee was on for Music and Dance and JoAnn Sullivan and Lee Clement are going to share this position.  Larry was on for Indoor and Outdoor Sports and Dave Knicker will take his place.  Thanks to those that served last term and welcome to those coming onboard!

 Cathy thanking the Current Activity Board for their service.

 The Incoming Activity Board:

Charles Duran - President and Woodship Representative
Paul Wilson - At Large Member
Gary McBride - Church Representative
Nora Minor - Kitchen Representative
JoAnn Sullivan and Lee Clement - sharing responsibility as Music and Dance Representative
Dave Knicker - Indoor/Outdoor Sports Representative
Linda Doerschug - Arts and Crafts was absent today

Lot Rates:  The new rates are in and available in the Business Office.  You can reserve your present site for next season for three or more months by paying the deposit in the Business Office.  On Monday, March 9th, the site switching process will begin. If you need more information on how this works, stop and see Cathy in the Business Office.

Monday the 9th, those who want a site for a permanent RV on the 6+ plans 
Tuesday, the 10th – RV’s staying 6 months
Wednesday, the 11th – RV’s staying 5 months
Thursday, the 12th – RV’s staying 4 months
Friday, the 13th – RV’s staying 3 months
Saturday, the 14th – Sites are open to the public.

Suggestion Box:  A new Suggestion Box has been placed in front of the Activity Room which is a lock box that will be opened only by the Wilder Division Manager, Rick Spielman.  These suggestions are not relative to the Activities Department but are recommendations for Wilder Corporation on the general operation and condition of the park.  If you offer any suggestions and fill out the card with your name and Lot No., you will be eligible to win a $25 gift certificate toward a dinner.  This is a way for you to get your comments directly to The Wilder Corporation without going through the Business Office so take advantage of this opportunity.  We are running out of cards for the box but more are on the way. 

Personnel Changes:  

1.                JD and Lynn Murray have accepted a position as the Park Managers at Trophy Gardens and will start their training there on March 1st.  They will still be living with us here in Winter Ranch so we aren't losing them completely!  They have been a great asset to the park and we wish them the very best in their new endeavor. 
2.               Lee and Mary Benfield will begin their new assignment as our Activity Directors earlier than planned and will start in the Activities Office  on March 1st.  

JD expressed his thanks to Larry and Cathy for their support during their time as Activity Directors.  He also said he was sure they would still be in touch with their new positions at Trophy Gardens.

Picture Directories:  The directories are now available.  Pick yours up in the Activities Office between 1 and 3 PM, Monday through Friday.  There are still 40 people who have not picked theirs up.  There are also some extra directories if you need another one.  They are $10 per book.

Thank yous:  Lynn and JD expressed their appreciation to all the volunteers who have helped them keep all the activities going in the park.  Lynn said that you have become more than park residents but are now family.   She especially thanked the 91 Activity Coordinators in the park because without them and the people that volunteered with them, they could not have been successful in their positions.  

JD also thanked Ross Craft for all his hard work and years of service running the Jam.

 Ross Craft and JD

Lee and Mary Benfield thanked JD and Lynn for being very patient with them the past few weeks and helping them to understand what is going on in the Activity Office.  They also wished them much success in their new positions.

As your new Activity Directors they promised to do their best to keep things organized and running smoothly.  In addition, they thanked all of you who have returned the Volunteer Questionnaire noting it is very encouraging that so many of you are willing to continue supporting the activities of the park.  They encouraged everyone else to get theirs in.  There have been several people who have orally expressed an interest in helping with several jobs but as senior citizens not everything that goes in one ear will stay between our ears.   Your information will be put in a database so that information can be retrieved easily - much better than from our memories!  So, please fill out the Volunteer sheets and turn them in!! Thanks!

They also want to let you know that they are not looking to change anything in any major fashion.  Most things are working well in the park and they really want that to continue.  If you are doing a job that you want to continue to do, please just let them know.  There are a lot of you who do things that they aren't even aware are happening and they need you to tell them that.  They also want to get new people involved in the activities of the park and these sheets will help figure out where they can fit into the program.  

Volunteer Questionnaires:  Mary made one correction to what was on the Questionnaire.  Under the Jam Session Kitchen Crews, she listed 3 Servers in the Kitchen.  That should be 6 servers.  We don’t want anyone to think we are going to reduce the number working in the kitchen for the jams.  You do a terrific job and we surely appreciate it.  We certainly don’t want you to give up being a crew because you think we are going to reduce the number of servers.  

The Variety Show – Razzle Dazzle 2:  JoAnn Sullivan thanked all the people involved in the Variety Show especially Dale Loerch working the sound system, Mike and Carol Earley for the Karoake setup, and the Kitchen workers who stepped in at the last minute to be the Kitchen Jammers.  It was a great show!

Lee Clement thanked the audience at Razzle Dazzle 2 for contributing $625.52 in the donation buckets at the Variety Show.  They have used $500 of this money to purchase a 75 watt LED Follow Spot which can be used by the park and for future performances.  It should be delivered within the week.   

Variety Show DVD:  Sign up with Lee Clement or Paula Sheridan for a DVD of the show.  It will cost $2.  Thank you to Sharon Graham for donating the use of a DVD burner for this purpose.  

Golden Olympics – Marsha Fabricius said we are one-half of the way through the event.    There are still several different categories at various times during the month or so that you can participate in.   Marcia just won a 1st Place ribbon for the Crossword Puzzle event.  There is a newspaper flyer available in the Activities Office for anyone wanting to participate or see what all the categories are.  You can compete in baking, golfing, walking, biking, just about any card game you can name, jig saw puzzles, etc. etc.  

Registration for the Biking and the Walk and Talk events are still open up to a week prior to the event.    For both of these events we get Park participation points so we’d love to have a whole bunch of our residents sign up.  The park with the most participants wins those events.
  • The Bike and Birding Tour is a leisurely ride through the Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park on Wednesday, March 4th from 9 to 11 AM.  The fee is $3 due at time of registration. T-shirts for this event are $5 each.   
  • The Walk and Talk Event is March 6th at 10 AM at Town Lake at Fireman’s Park in McAllen.  The fee is two cans of food.  T-shirts for this event are $5 each.   The bus will be leaving here at 9:30 AM for those that register for it.
If you take part in any of the Golden Olympics events and have pictures, Mary Benfield would appreciate receiving them on a Flash Drive which will be returned so that they can be posted on the Winter Ranch Blog.

Ladies Golf Luncheon is on February 26th from Noon to 2 PM.

Wilder Parks Shuffleboard Tournament will be held on February 27th  at Trophy Gardens with overflow here and on February 28th .  See the Activity Office for time and details.  .  (IF SOMEONE COULD TAKE PICTURES AND GET THEM TO LEE OR MARY BENFIELD FOR THE BLOG ON A FLASH DRIVE IT WOULD BE APPRECIATED.)

Dance to SweetWater at 7 PM on February 27th – $5.

Jam on February 28th:   The Illinois Group will be serving Hawaiian Hot Ham and Cheese Sliders as part of the menu for the Jam Lunch this week.

The Alamo Parade:  Don DeKeyrel reminded us that the Alamo Parade is  February 28th at 11 AM.    Come out and see our Winter Ranchers at the parade.  He also thanked people for all their donations of candy for the parade.  They can still use more.  He is at Lot 658 or you can take your candy to the Business Office and they will get it to him. 
Don still needs more veterans to ride the bus in the parade.  The bus will load at 10 AM and you will be back by 11:30 or noon for lunch.  As noted above, the Chuck Wagon will serve lunch until 12:30 so parade goers can eat lunch when they get back.

Those participating in the parade should meet at the front gate at 9:00 AM.  We’ll leave at 9:30 am.  A lot of people like to take pictures at the gate before they leave. 

Choir Concert – Mark your calendars for March 1st at 6 PM in the Large Hall.  Lena and Ole showed up this morning to advertise for the concert.  Phyllis Lauritsen told us that Lena and Ole will be a part of the concert also.  

 Lena (Carol Earley) and Ole (Jerry Rezac)

Mel and Pam Tillis will be performing at Cowboy's Corner at Mile 12 and Mile 4 West in Weslaco, Texas (address:  7119 N Mile 4 West) on March 1st.  The gates open at 11:00 AM and the show begins at 1 PM.  Cost is $35 each.  

Yoga Instruction – There will be Yoga Instruction class on March 2nd a 8 AM in the Loft.  The cost is $5.

The Woodshop Baked Potato Dinner will be held on March 3rd at 4:30 PM.  Tickets are on sale now.

On March 3rd from 10 to 1 PM, Cornerstone Regional Hospital will be having a live partial knee replacement that you can attend.  There will also be a luncheon afterward and door prizes.  Anyone thinking of having this surgery done, may want to check it out.  This is a robotic surgery and you don’t have to worry about seeing a lot of blood.  There is information about this on the 1st Responders’ Bulletin Board in the Large Hall.

The Winter Ranch Resident Appreciation Day will be on March 5th at 7 PM in the Large Hall.  Vance Greek will be performing for us and there will be ice cream afterwards.  This is a free event but a ticket is required so we know how many to expect. Pick up your free ticket in the Activity Office or the Business Office when the Activity Office is closed.  The cut-off date is Monday, March 1. 

Dance to Jealous Heart at 7 PM on Friday, March 6th - $5.

Show and Share:  If you have completed any projects from painting to quilting, stained glass to woodworking, jewelry to card-making, come show us what you have done.  The Show and Share will be held on March 8th at 1:30 in the Large Hall.

Golf Tournament (Winter Ranch vs Trophy Gardens) will be held on March 11th  at 9 AM.  This event is limited to 45 golfers plus 3-4 alternates.  The cost is $2 per person.  The proceeds from this event will go to the Wounded Warriors Program.  Sign up after the park meeting in the Large Hall on February 25th  .  (IF SOMEONE COULD TAKE PICTURES AND GET THEM TO LEE OR MARY BENFIELD FOR THE BLOG ON A FLASH DRIVE IT WOULD BE APPRECIATED. The flash drive will be returned.)

Ladies Luncheon:  The last Ladies Luncheon will be held on March 9th at Noon in the Large Hall.  Tickets are $2.  The ticket number tells you what to bring.  Odd numbers bring a salad.  Even numbers bring a dessert.  The main course and table service will be provided.

Dance to Diego at 7 PM on Friday, March 17th-  $5.

Dance to Sweet Water on Friday, March 20th at 7 PM - $5.

Computer Classes  (Sign up for these classes on the Bulletin Board across from the Mail Room:

iPad Tips and Tricks / Donna Ritchie, Instructor / Activity Room #3
Monday         March 2nd 1:30-3:30 PM

Bus Trips: 
Sign up for these trips in the Activity Office

Feb 20 5:45 PM Mariachi Concert at the Basilica – Donation of $7 at the door.
Feb 21 9 AM Pioneer and Ranching Crafts Day at Edinburg Museum of South Texas History.  $5 at the gate.
Feb 23 12:30 PM Texas Gold Shrimp (if JD gets enough interested) $15 each.
Feb 28 7 PM Hockey Game - $7 each
Mar 3rd 10:00 AM Port of Brownsville Tour $33 includes lunch  (if JD gets enough interested)
Mar 4th 4 PM Border Patrol (22 seats) – must sign waiver in Activities Office – will stop to eat
Mar 6th 9 AM Bus trip to Golden Olympics Walk and Talk $3 per person – must be registered - $5 for shirt
Mar 9th 10:00 AM Port of Brownsville Tour $33 includes lunch
Mar 11th 12:15 PM Riverside Boat Trip 1:30 – 3:30 PM with dinner following - $30
 Mar 12th
 12:15 PM
Ol’D’s Soda Shop in Harlingen (22 seats)

 Note:  If you have an idea for a bus trip, let Mary know.  She’ll see what can be arranged.  

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Benfield
Blog Administrator 

Calendar of Events:
(Unless otherwise noted the event will be held in Friendship Hall aka The Large Hall)
All additions/changes/cancellations will be in red
Feb 26
Noon-2 PM
Ladies Golf Luncheon

Feb 27

Wilder Park Shuffleboard Tournament at Trophy

Feb 27
7 PM
Dance to Sweet Water
Feb 28
6:30 PM
Hockey Game
$7 each
Feb 28
11:00 AM
Alamo Parade
Mar 1
6 PM
Choir Concert
Mar 3
4:30-6 PM
Woodshop Dinner/No activities in Large Hall until after cleanup from the Woodshop Dinner

Mar 4
12:15 PM
Bus Tour to BorderP atrol
Mar 5
7 PM
Residents Appreciation Day – Vance Greek and ice cream
Mar 6
9:30 AM
Bus Golden Age Olympics Walk and Talk at Town Lake at Fireman’s Park in McAllen (Park Points awarded for each participant)  - YOU NEED TO HAVE REGISTERED FOR THE WALK AND TALK
2 cans of food
Mar 6
7 PM
Dance to Jealous Heart
Mar 8
1:30 PM
Show & Share (Bring what you’ve made during season to show and share with the rest of the park)
Mar 9
10 AM
Bus Trip:  Port of Brownsville Tour
$33 includes lunch
Mar 9
Ladies Luncheon (Odd tickets bring salad, Even tickets bring dessert – main course and table settings provided)
Mar 10
8 – Noon
Craft Show/No Roundup

Mar 11
Riverside Boat Trip 1:30 – 3:30 PM with dinner following 

Mar 11
9 AM
Golf Tournament Winter Ranch vs Trophy Gardens (limited to 45 golfers) Sign up on February 25th after the Wednesday meeting.
Mar 12
4 PM
Bus Trip:  Ol’ D’s Soda Shop in Harlingen
$8.95 for meal
Mar 13
10 AM
Gold Age Olympics Awards Ceremony at Palm View Community Center
$3 – tickets must be purchased at least 1 week in advance
Mar 13
7 PM
Dance to Diego
Mar 20
7 PM
Dance to Sweet Water