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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Winter Ranch Blog

The Activities Department is in the process of changing to a new blog format and website host.  This change is not being made just for the sake of change.  It has been difficult to keep formatting looking presentable and sometimes it can take me hours to get a page looking halfway decent.  The other reason is that the present blog only allows us a limited number of pages to use for different groups so we have had to limit who gets a page.  With the new blog format any group that wants to post on the blog will be able to do that.   

Mary is currently working on the new Blog but if you are seeing this message, then go out and check out what it looks like at this point.  Click this link to check it out:

Also check out this incentive!!

Winter Ranchers,

If you are the first one to place a comment on the new site, you will win an Enormous Sundae and can enjoy it with at least four of your friends on any Sunday Sundae.  Since we haven’t talked to anyone about changing our blog, we know that no one knows about it yet.  All Winter Ranchers who stay at least three months at the park are eligible except for employees!  Good Luck!