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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 25th Wednesday Morning News

We went from 675 - 573 this past 
week and the exodus continues

Thanks yous:

Mary gave a big Thank You to the four people who helped clean the kitchen last week:  Josie Fehring, Patti Franek, Jack Shinstock and Jim Thomas.  We all worked our buns off but the kitchen is sparkling from the vent fans to the undersides of the refrigerators to the tops and insides of all the cabinets.  We still need to clean out the refrigerators before we leave but we’re going to leave the pantry until we come down in October.  Thanks so much you guys for all your help!!

Since we are in the cleaning mode, we have also started to clean up the loft and the large storage closet up there.  We’ve made some progress but I may be calling a few more people to help me sort through some of their things in the closet and reduce the amount of stuff that is being stored.  We’ve made progress already in there and we’d like to keep the place a lot neater next season.

Lee gave a big Thank You to Jack and Jim for fixing the leaks on the bus. Jack and Jim not only spend a considerable amount of time driving us around in the bus but they spend a lot of their free time doing repairs on the bus saving us considerable money.   

Important Information:

Wally and Mary Snead are retiring from their positions as Weekend Managers here at Winter Ranch.  They have been serving in that position since 2004.  We wish them all the best and look forward to still seeing them at the Ranch.  Cathy presented both of them with crocheted lap quilts today at the meeting.  Joe and Sue Swicke will be taking over on the weekends.

 Cathy presented Mary and Wally Sneed with their Gits

Three Year Price Guarantee – Wilder Corporation is offering a 3 year price guarantee promotion to attract new business to the resorts.  The deal is being offered to existing 6+6 Annual Park Model and RV owners presently in our resorts as a loyalty reward.  This only applies to the park model or RV that you live in.  It is not for business owners running a business of renting out units.  Residents who pay lot rent on their personal living quarters are the only ones that qualify.  The resident must also be the person whose name is on the title of the Park Model or RV. 

Mailing Labels:  As you are getting ready to return North, please make sure you leave labels for the Mail Room to forward your mail.  They cannot use the really small labels.  You must have labels that will cover the address on the envelope.  If you need mailing labels, you can order them in the Business Office from the Computer Group.  There is a small charge for the service.

Leaving the Park:  Remember when you get ready to head North, you need to have all your stuff put away and battened down.  We do experience hurricane winds once in awhile and your grills, bicycles, plant and pots should all be secured.  If they are not secured they can fly off and damage other property in the park or hurt someone.

Picture Directories:  We have quite a few picture directories that have not yet been picked up.  Just stop in the office to get yours.  We also have plenty of directories left for any new people who would like one so they can recognize people in the park.  The directories for those that didn’t have their pictures taken are $10 per book.

The Internet in Activity Room #3:  The internet is not working and we will be working with AT&T to get it resolved.  Once it is fixed the internet will be available until we leave the park in mid-April.  We can’t leave the equipment in the room during the summer as it would fry.

New Dog Run:  Cathy announced that we had approval for a new dog run which will located in the southern portion of the dog walk between Winter Ranch and Trophy Gardens.  Linda Sherman said that they received a sizeable donation from Trophy Gardens toward the walk and they now have enough to get the work done.  Larry and Deb Martin will be maintaining the dog walk over the summer so if you have questions, you can see them.  There will be some maintenance costs involved in keeping it up so there will be a couple of fundraising meals for that next season.


Last Dance of the season was last Friday night.

Saturday Night Bingo has ended for the season.

This Sunday will be the last Ice Cream Social.

This Friday will be the last Friday Mixed Golf Scramble at 9 AM.  Next week the summer golfing times start with Mixed Scramble on Monday at 9 AM.

The Last Church Service is this Sunday.

The last Video Library day is today.

Tonight is the last Wednesday night Bingo.

Bus Trip to the Hockey Game on March 27th Friday at 6:30 PM.  Cost is $7.  Please come sign up in the Activities Office. 

EASTER DINNER:  We will be having a potluck for Easter Dinner at 4:30 PM on Easter so that everyone can attend the church services of their choice.  The Activities Office will supply the ham for $1 per person.  Then everyone else can bring a dish to share.  Those with last names starting with A-G bring a salad, H-P a dessert and R-Z a side dish (hot or cold).  


We also need a couple of dippers for the ice cream social this Sunday.  The signup is on the bulletin board across from the Mail Room.

We will also need some help for the Easter Dinner.  Signups are in the Large Hall across from the Mail Room.